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The objective is to understand the security environment of your Company, and to be able to carry out your first Cyber ​​risk analysis.


This training covers the following topics:



  • Overview of cyber threats

  • Cybersecurity Issues

  • Barometer

  • Crisis and Resilience



  • Definition of security objectives,

  • Identification of critical assets,

  • Risk Assessment,

  • Determining security measures

  • Security monitoring and maintenance.


CEO, CFO, IT Manager, IT Project Manager, CISO, Consultant.


  • None

Targeted skills

Be able to understand cyber threats and how to carry out a Cyber ​​risk analysis.


The training is over a 7 hour day

Training site :

Intra-company training on customer site; 

or inter-company training at VillagebyCA Morbihan .

Possible additional support:

The LORCYBER company can assist the entity in setting up its security organization for both the project and the entity (see LORCYBER Service Center catalogue).

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Educational and technical means

  • Nature and periods of completion of the work required of the trainee: during the training period, the trainee will follow a presentation given by one of our trainers. ​

  • Means of organisation, support or assistance (educational and technical) made available to the employee:

    • Typical course of the training: general presentation of the theme, examples of implementation, detailed presentation, case study, exercise and scenario on a virtual company, evaluation quiz.

    • The training material will be given to the trainee at the start of the day;

    • Skills and qualifications of the people who assist him during his training: Mr. Pierre LORCY, or Mrs. Sarah PORTUGAIS, see the  mini CV ;

    • Technical terms of this assistance: trainees can communicate by email to the following address for any assistance, an answer will be provided within 48 working hours, by email or by telephone if the trainee has provided his telephone number in the support request email;

  • Training monitoring and evaluation methods: a training evaluation in the form of a questionnaire will be carried out at the end of the day.

  • Methods of sanctioning the training: At the end of the training, the training is considered acquired if the trainee has answered 100% of the questions and has obtained more than 85% of positive answers.

Pricing & practical terms

1000 HT for one participant

500€ HT / participant (possibility of decreasing rates)

Session of 10 participants maximum

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