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As CVOC "Cyber Vulnerabilities Operation Center", we support your entire vulnerability management process from detection to remediation, allowing you to benefit from specialized engineers, able to easily deliver your analysis reports or those of your customers.


Determine which systems/addresses to scan 



Choose the dates and times at which we must intervene


Complete a scan authorization of the chosen assets


Focus on what matters and quickly eliminate risks 

Now all your vulnerability scans are automated and the reports ready to be exploited

Lorcyber offers you an end-to-end solution to help you reduce security vulnerabilities in your information system.Our experts take care of the entire process: from identifying des vulnerabilities,  their aggregation as well as the drafting of reports.

Improve your level
of security

Go quickly from an identified security vulnerability to a corrected one! Our aggregate management engine allows you to link all similar vulnerabilities in order to facilitate your remediation work. Get an overview of your security posture with dashboards as well as a follow-up on the evolution of historical scans.

Benefit from aunified and continuous visibilitythe security of your information system.

Improve your efficiency

Outsourcing vulnerability management also saves you time and keeps you focused on remediation.

The overall process is managed and optimized upstream by our teamsso that security and IT teams focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk. As a result, organizations benefit from continuous, optimal and long-lasting security.   it's time to act, starting with those that present the highest risks.

Obtain simple, transparent and efficient reports.

Classic analysis reports can be difficult, if not illegible, to say the least. The reports of our experts are written in aaccessible language that focuses on the essentials, whether inFrench or English. Now you get a clear action plan, in precise language, accessible to less seasoned profiles, while retaining all the technical details required by security professionals and developers who will work on the patches to be applied.


The Lorcyber VOC is   the solution to unify your organization's cybersecurity 

Automated operations

By our teams from the detection of security breaches to the drafting of reports

Prevention of attacks

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers

Improved security

Strengthen the security of your network by regularly monitoring it and implementing related measures

Related corrections facilitated

Thanks to our aggregate engine, our reports present vulnerabilities classified according to their level of criticality

  Reduced security costs

Reduce costs associated with security incidents and data loss
thanks to an accelerated correction ​

Team effectiveness

The time dedicated to tasks without added value is eliminated and your teams focus on the essentials 

The cybersecurity

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Want to know more ?

You have questions, you want to discuss them with our teams
and get a cyber action plan?

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