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Prepare your teams and improve your resilience through training with our crisis management exercises.

exercice de gestion de crise_edited.jpg

Dynamic animation of a crisis exercise

  • D-60 to D-30: Creation or adaptation of a scenario

  • D-30 to D-2: Preparation and training

  • J: Animation

  • J: Live feedback

  • D+8: Cold experience feedback and astonishment report


Practical arrangements

For the animation, we will have a facilitator in the crisis room and a team in a second room which will simulate all the stimuli of the scenario: telephone calls, emails, social networks.

This team will have the crisis room in audio and video, and can adapt the timing or the stimuli if necessary.

We provide video and audio conferencing facilities.


Adaptation of an existing script

€3,500 excluding tax

Creation of a scenario

€5,000 excl. tax

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