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This package allows a company to identify vulnerabilities in its information system.

The report is produced by a security engineer using CSIS platform.

For the scanning of WEB sites, you have the choice between a blackbox (without authentication) or greybox (with authentication) type scan.

Simple and optimized vulnerability scan reports

Our reports are distinguished by their easy reading, understandable both by business managers and by engineers who have to carry out compliance:

  • a small report, often less than 15 pages, allowing you to focus on the essentials;

  • the implementation of a scoring system, to visualize from month to month, the state of its IS and the progress of corrections;

  • clear advice to correct its infrastructure (systems or software to be patched and to which version) or its code (which modifications to make).


Guaranteed scan reports within 3 working days

The report of this scan is guaranteed within 3 working days (subject to the availability of the sites to be tested, no test is carried out on Friday and Saturday evenings)

Our security engineers support the delivery of this report to explain the ins and outs of our recommendations on a daily basis.


WEB site: URL of the type and associated IP addresses.

IP address without WEB site: 

Addresses of type

€300 per IP


450 € per URL


€500 per URL

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